Thursday, 28 May 2015

You've got the silver, you've got the gold...

SO. As we all know, the 70's are back, and boy am I glad! There are so many seventies-inspired goodies around at the moment from floaty bohemian dresses and fringed suede jackets, to sporty classic 70's tees and battered old converses! There's something to suit everyone's inner 70's goddess and I for one intend to lap it up! And the good news is - it's here to stay for Autumn/Winter '15 (wahoo!)

I spotted this amazing vintage 70's bat-wing cardigan from Sulking in Silk Vintage when I was browsing through my instagram news feed a few weeks back. I instantly knew I had to have it! I'm not usually very quick to make purchase decisions but something about this little gold number had me at hello (maybe it was that the gold discs reminded me of a certain Jane Birkin dress from way-back-when!), and at a bargain price of £26 I'm so glad I snapped it up! It's a great little piece to style for a few cocktails, (or a gig in my case) or to chuck over something less spangly at a festival and stand out from the crowd! I decided on this particular day to team it with a classic 70's style slim-fitted California tee from Zara and some Topshop sunnies!

This is my first outfit post so apologies for its patchiness and lack of legs (haha). I will be posting lots of 70's and 60's inspired outfits, reviews on products and other general bits and pieces every week so please keep your eyes peeled and come back to read again :) 
Shannon X

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