Sunday, 12 May 2013


So here is my first blog post ladies and gentlemen...! I'm currently struggling to work this darn thing (technology and I aren't the best of friends), and this is looking to be more of a 'tester' post where I talk to myself in cyber land! Nevertheless, I will get the hang of this slowly and surely and hopefully keep you all entertained as I post lots of things that inspire me and things I am working on in music!

Tomorrow my band and I are travelling down to the infamous Rak Studios in St. John's Wood to record my second EP...exciting! I have been eagerly scrolling through the list of previous clients and have been bowled over by the names that have been in there including The Who, Paul McCartney, Arctic Monkeys, Florence and The Machine, Beady Eye etc etc! I even found out that this video which I was all too familiar with back in the day was in fact from a session at Rak!

So here's to a new era of blogging!
Stay cool, cats!

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