Monday, 20 July 2015

The Holy Grail of Face Creams...!

 'The Holy Grail of Face Creams.' That's a bold statement. One so bold that I'm able and willing to say after falling in love with The Organic Pharmacy's Double Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream!

For quite some time I have suffered from skin that often gets dehydrated (especially in the winter months!), with dry, itchy and rash-like problems particularly around my chin. Admittedly, my diet hasn't always been the healthiest due to being such a fussy eater but I have changed a lot over the past year or so about the things that I eat and the amount of water I drink. But still nothing changed.

I tried out a tester of Aromatherapy Associates' Triple Rose Renewing Moisturiser which was the first cream I tried that actually made a complete difference to my complexion and made it a lot less itchy! I was SO happy to have finally found a product that my skin lapped up and that I saw benefits from almost straight away, I couldn't wait to snap it up. But that's when I realised that it was a whopping £58 for a small tube which was/is sadly out of my price-range (wah!).

Since finding my dream-cream, I tried to find an alternative Rose-based moisturiser as I learnt that Rose has calming properties which was probably the reason my skin loved it so much! I tried a few alternatives but found that they reacted with my skin, were too oily and thick and just didn't compare to the Triple Rose Renewing...

That is until I tried a sample of The Organic Pharmacy's wonderful Double Rose Rejuvenating Cream! (Hurrah!). It is still fairly pricey at £39 but if you have similar skin problems to the ones that I described, I can't tell you how much I would recommend this! My skin literally transformed overnight after using this for the first time! It leaves your skin feeling really fresh and moisturised without being greasy and it contains lots of organic natural ingredients such as Rose, Rose Hip and Bilberry. It also smells like you have just walked through the Chelsea Flower Show which is always a winner in my eyes!

Seriously, give this a go! It's for all skin types and I would highly recommend that everyone reading this tries it out as it will literally transform your skin (all of the reviews I read said the same!). It's not the cheapest of products but the way I look at it, it means I won't be wasting money on buying and trying different products over a period of a few months - I'll just be sticking to one, safe in the knowledge that my skincare needs are under control :)

Which products have you been trying recently? What would you recommend?


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