Monday, 6 January 2014

Top 5 Couples of Coolness!

There's something about when two savvy people commonly in the public eye come together and create a unit of coolness that us Brits in particular can't get enough of! We thought they were chic individually, but when we see them as an item, in our minds their coolness is taken to a whole new level. With brands such as The Kooples portraying couple's effortless styles complimenting each other, it's no wonder we are more interested than ever in these star-spangled relationships!
Here are my Top 5 style crush relationships past and present!

1. Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg

An eclectic bohemian mix of style that is often replicated and used as inspiration for many great icons in fashion such as Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. Keith himself admitted in his autobiography that he used to wear Anita's clothes, and most probably she did the same! A shabby chic rock n roll look that consists of fedoras, skinny flared bottom trousers, thrown on shirts and textured jackets - what's not to love?!

2. George Harrison and Pattie Boyd

When you look at photos of George and Patti in the late 60's, it's hard not to fall in love with their dreamy relationship and impeccable sense of styles. George's transition from the Baker Boy Beatle look to the print-loving moustached look is one that many people take great inspiration from, including Alexa Chung. Pattie's girly late 60's looks are to die for - who wouldn't want a wardrobe like hers?!

3. Alex Turner and Alexa Chung

Possibly THE greatest 'it' romance of our generation? Whilst we are all girl-crushing on Turner's newest flame Arielle Vandenberg, we can't help but remember the sweet sunny days of the Chung-Turner romance and sigh! Their effortless festival-bound styles knitted so well together with a concoction of breton stripes, staple denim pieces and brunette swishy barnets! (humbug days, of course!).

4. Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull

Another flamboyant collaboration of style and romance from the 60's that a lot of girls nowadays take inspiration from, myself included! Mick Jagger's obvious presense was portrayed in his dress sense, and Marianne's girly boho style effortlessly complimented Mick's.

5. Tom Sturridge and Sienna Miller



Sienna Miller has been someone that my sister and I have always admired for her style, and we fell in love with Tom Sturridge after watching him play Young Karl in the hit comedy flick The Boat That Rocked. So it was a dream come true when one day I learnt that they are an item! (There is a God!). Like the other contenders in my Top 5 style icon couples, their styles completely compliment each other. Sienna has always been known for her Boho Chic effortless style, much inspired by fashion icons such as Anita Pallenberg, and Tom's laid back scruffy-but-cool style works a treat with Sienna's! And of course, they know how to scrub up and look INCREDIBLE together at events and campaigns such as the recent one they did for Burberry. Long live the Miller-Sturridge romance!


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